Happenstance, Episode 3 (featuring Gabrielle Marceau)

August 17, 2022 7:00PM

Event Information:
The site of this episode is The Parkdale Hall, an opulent 1920's era theatre located on Queen Street West in Parkdale. When the the Parkdale Hall opened, the neighborhood we now know as Parkdale was an upper-class suburb of Toronto. Wealthy landowners who lived nearby enjoyed going to the theatre as well as the nearby Sunnyside Amusement Park. However, with the contruction of the Gardiner expressway (starting in 1955), Parkdale's connection to the lake was severed, radically shifting its character and socio-economic demographic. Entire blocks of homes were razed to the ground. Several of the original turn of the century mansions still stand today; now converted into multi-unit homes. After the opening of the gardiner expressway in 1958, business began to decline and the Parkdale Hall eventually closed its doors during the summer of 1970. Since then, it has been the site of clearance department stores, book and antique warehouses, as well as part of Toronto's film/theatre history.

Gabrielle Marceau is a writer, critic and editor based in Toronto. She has published essays and criticism in Sight and Sound, Mubi Notebook, Cinema Scope Magazine, and Leste Magazine, as well as poetry in Arc Poetry Magazine and fiction in Adult Mag. She is the editor-in-chief of In The Mood Magazine, an online journal of film and pop culture journal.

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