A Room with Four People Reading - May 25, 2021

A conversation with Rotterdam-based artist Lili Huston-Herterich to discuss her billboard project “A room with four people” (2021) as well as facilitate a group reading of a corresponding manuscript that explores the four characters and their relationship to cycles of use, labour, and refuse.

A Coin with Two Sides - September 19, 2020

A Zoom conversation with Hiba Abdallah and Michael Abel discussing Architecture as Propaganda, Urban Advocacy, and How to Meaningfully Engage with Community in Space

Lamp in the Hand Artist Talk - June 1, 2020

A Instagram Live conversation with Vancouver-based artist Graeme Wahn discussingn the effects of Covid-19 on exhibition planning and the ways in which publishing can expand the scope of a project

Socially Distant Residency Project - May 2020

A residency experiment during COVID-19 featuring: Kathleen Taylor, Daniel Rotsztain, Cotey Pope, Fan Wu

Images in/of the City - May 6, 2019

Esther Hovers (False Positives, FW: Books) and Melanie Wilmink (Ed. with Solomon Nagler of Sculpting Cinema, Pleasure Dome)

The Evolution of the Artist-run Centre - December 3, 2017

Karen Carter (B.A.N.D), Jess Carroll (AC Repair Co.), Veronika Ivanova (Bunker 2), and Manden Murphy (Roberta Pelan), Michael Pace (Art Metropole)

Toronto's Psychogeography, Spaces, and Places - November 4, 2017

Matt Blackett (Publisher, Spacing Magazine), Catherine Nasmith (President, Architectural Conservancy Ontario), Amy Lavender Harris (Author, Imagining Toronto)

The Intersections of Cinema and Architecture - October 7, 2017

James Macgillivray (Partner, LAMAS) and Joseph Clement (Director, Integral Man)