From the Eye to the Ear

August 18, 2022 7:30PM-8:30PM

Event Information:
Join us at the observation deck of the Chester Hill Lookout for a communal reading to the ravine. We will read selections from texts on and around the Don to the expansive valley: texts in an ongoing bibliography that have been both guiding forces and sources of wonder in approaching the intricate network of the river. As the sun sets and lends way to night, we will follow this reading with a workshop on the moving nature of oration considering the power of words, writing and narrative as forces of enchantment, mythology and imaginaries. Those attending are invited to participate in the reading and workshop in whichever way suits them best and are encouraged to bring their own textual connections to speak out to the river and ravine.

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With readings by:
Shannon Garden-Smith
Jay Shuster
Tanya Cothran
Daniel Rotsztain
Dylan Millerd
Jordan Prosser

Part of Implicit Choreographies & Relational Topographies

All images courtesy of Ben Freedman