How to See in the Dark

July 9, 2022 10:00PM-11:30PM

Event Information:
Toronto-based artist Ameen Ahmed’s How to See in the Dark will lead us through the Don River Valley obscured by nightfall. Ahmed’s guided walk attends to the ambient, the subterranean, and the infrastructural architecture of the ravine that falls out of plain sight. Shrouded by darkness and struggling to see, we focus instead on the act of seeing itself. At night the elements of the river valley that desire to be invisible come forward from the shadows. Ahmed’s research shines a light on an unfolding narrative at work within these shadowy edges.

Part of Implicit Choreographies & Relational Topographies

Ameen Ahmed is an artist, curator, and writer based in Toronto. Ameen is interested in practices of looking, reading and storytelling, especially in their relation to language, places, and histories.

All images courtesy of Benjamin Freedman